Drain Snake or Drain Cleaner?

Close up of drain cleaning

We've all been faced with a clog in the bathroom, and it is never at the best moment. Whether you are at someone's home or just need to use the bathroom, a clog in the bathroom is a tense and frustrating situation. While there are numerous ways to deal with a drain blog, you might be tempted to reach for a drain cleaner; take a minute to consider using other tools at your disposal!

Tools Of The Trade

When it comes to clearing a clog, more often than not, a good old-fashioned plunger will get the job done for most clogs in the home. Let us be clear, deep-rooted clogs in your plumbing will need more than a clog, but clogs from organic waste or toilet paper can typically be resolved with a prepper plunging.

For those clogs that need a little extra finesse, you may need to use a drain snake. Drain snakes are a simple yet effective tool that can help reach into your pipes and easily push out stubborn clogs. A drain snake can easily break down some clogs when a plunger is not enough. However, sometimes drain snakes cannot break down clogs fully, only creating small holes allowing some water to pass through but leaving remnants of the clog. So what now?

Drain Cleaner

Now we do not think drain cleaner is useless; it does have its purpose. However, drain cleaner usage is typically our concern when homeowners use a drain cleaner. Overreliance on rain cleaner can lead to corroded pipes as the chemicals in a drain cleaner are pretty powerful. Think of drain cleaners as your absolute last resort option for drain cleaning—a scorched earth approach for your plumbing.

When it comes to clogs that even a plunger or drain snake cannot clear out, you have more significant issues. The best way to get rid of a clog you cannot handle is by calling our experts! Sometimes clogs are more complex, combined with old plumbing; you can look at more than just a simple clog. We can use cameras and the proper equipment to ensure your clogging issues are solved at the source.

At Mac's Plumbing, Heating & Air we know how frustrating clogs can be, so when you call (916) 794-8884, we make sure that your drains work like they're supposed to in no time!