4 Signs You Need A New AC

Photo of person repairing AC

Since winter weather around these parts does not get as severe as our friends on the east coast, we get a little extra time with warmer weather year-round. While we can all enjoy a nice warm day here and there, some days get too hot. Make sure that your AC is ready for these extra hot days by making sure it is not showing any of these signs.

Awful Smells

Life can stink, both figuratively and literally, so you need a new unit if you begin to notice your AC smells. When you turn it on, strange smells from your AC can be caused by many reasons, ranging from wires burning out due to improper electrical connections or even mold!

Do not try to tough out the smells, as you can be breathing in fumes that are not entirely healthy for anyone nearby. The best action you can take is to contact our professionals to eliminate any structural issues, such as electrical or mold problems, and make sure your home is safe.

Leaky AC

Moisture around an AC unit is never a good sign, and rarely does the problem fix itself. If you begin to notice excess moisture around your AC unit whenever you have it powered on, you might be dealing with potential blockages in your drain lines.

You might be thinking that a small water leak should not require a total replacement. Well, yes, with the caveat that you act quickly. The issue with water leakage from AC units lies in how long the leakage has been present. Long-term water damage can ruin nearby walls and lead to compressor failure in the AC unit that will require replacement.

That is just water leakage; you also need to be mindful of potential freon leaks. Spotting a refrigerant leak can be tricky, but typically the big signs are your AC blowing warm air, inconsistent airflow, and ice build-up in your system. Make sure to have your AC regularly inspected, as a refrigerant leak can be hazardous to your health, causing nausea and even trouble breathing,

Higher Bills

This may seem straightforward, but we often notice homeowners trying to keep repairing their old AC to prolong the inevitable. When it comes to your utility bills, an old AC will be an energy hog that can drain your wallet. Sometimes higher utility bills can be due to leakages, issues with compressors or coils, or even a broken thermostat.

While we can repair these common AC issues, you must consider your AC unit’s age. An AC over ten years old can certainly be repaired, but how much time are you buying before the next repair? After ten years, the most cost-efficient option is investing in a new AC.

Strange Sounds

An often overlooked issue with AC units is the sounds they can make when they are malfunctioning. Quick test: Is it normal to hear your AC running loudly every day? The answer is no! Your AC unit should be relatively quiet, with the majority of the sounds being the fan running and the sound of air blowing past.

You may need a new AC if you begin to notice grinding sounds, scraping, high-pitched screeching, or even just a persistent humming sound. Strange sounds can be narrowed down to potential component failures that can be repaired, but sometimes you may be dealing with an issue that may be better off solved with a new AC.

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