Avoid These Home Heating Mistakes

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While we look forward to the coziness of a warm home during the colder months, many homeowners are also dreading their first energy bill after running their heating system. Outrageous heating bills are often due to lack of maintenance, an inefficient system, or simple mistakes that can hinder your heater’s efficiency.

While we can help resolve any issues you may be having with your heater or install a new unit for you, you’ll need to keep these common mistakes at the top of your mind in order to keep your heating costs low. This season, stick with smart and efficient heating tactics in order to prevent a hefty energy bill.

Heating an Unoccupied Home

With the colder months come seasonal activities and gatherings! Over the next few months, your schedule will most likely fill up with plenty of seasonal fun, meaning your home will be empty quite a bit.

Whether you’re out of the house for the workday or a family get-together, you shouldn’t heat an unoccupied house at the same temperature setting as lounging at home. If you’re concerned about ensuring your home is warm and cozy for your return, we recommend opting for a programmable thermostat. Not only are programmable thermostats extremely convenient, but they also monitor your heating and cooling usage and adapt to your household’s busy schedule.

Forgetting to Change the Air Filters

One of the golden rules of HVAC ownership is remembering to switch out your air filters! Dirty filters force your heating system to work harder to keep up with heating demands, resulting in excessive energy waste.

It’s always a good idea to check on your air filter once a month and replace it every 90 days. You may need to replace the filters more frequently if your home has pets or household members with respiratory conditions. After consistently changing your air filters, you’ll be impressed with how much your indoor air quality has improved, and your heating bills have lowered.

Drastically Adjusting the Thermostat

Your thermostat is the messenger to the rest of your HVAC system and gives you the ultimate authority over your home’s comfort levels. However, homeowners should be aware of the abilities and limitations of thermostats. While changing the temperature on the screen is as easy as clicking a button, your home’s actual heating and cooling does not transition as seamlessly.

We urge against cranking up the thermostat further than necessary in an attempt to heat the space quickly. Adjusting the temperature settings rapidly has no effect on how quickly the heat will disperse throughout the home. In fact, it’ll leave you with an unsightly utility bill!

Skipping Seasonal Maintenance

If you’re hosting this holiday season, the last thing you’ll want to experience is a broken heater and a house full of chilly guests. This situation can be easily avoided by following up with seasonal maintenance for your system. Seasonal maintenance can give your system the refresh it needs and provides the opportunity for our technicians to spot any potential problems.

Your system requires a seasonal tune-up to continue operating efficiently and serve your heating needs. Set it up for success by scheduling your maintenance service before the holidays are here!

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