Sounds Your AC Shouldn’t Be Making

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We cherish our air conditioners, especially in warmer weather! After a full day of activities in the sun, we all look forward to returning home to a cool and relaxing atmosphere. However, when your AC starts to become noisier than usual, it can completely ruin the comfort levels in your home and become a nuisance.

While all air conditioners may emit humming noises while running, specific sounds signal the need for a necessary repair. It's always a good rule of thumb to inspect your air conditioner as soon as any strange noises occur. Keep reading as we discuss the sounds to stay on alert for:

  • Hissing: Your air conditioner is not designed to sound like a nearby snake! If you notice that your AC is making hissing or bubbling sounds, it could be due to an issue with the refrigerant. These noises typically occur when the refrigerant is leaking, an issue that requires professional attention. Refrigerant is an essential component of the cooling process. It should be noted that refrigerant is a chemical compound that should be handled with care by a professional HVAC technician.
  • High-Pitched Squeals: You've probably been on high alert if you've recently noticed squealing noises coming from your air conditioner. Squealing air conditioners often suggest that there is high internal pressure in the system's compressor. Working compressors often feature a sensor that prompts the AC to turn off if the pressure is too high. However, if your AC is squealing, something is amiss. The pressure is most likely at a high level, and you will need to turn off the system and call for a professional repair.
  • Rattling: No one likes a rattling air conditioner! This noise can become increasingly irritating over time and affect your system's efficiency. Rattling can indicate a few issues. First, check the outdoor unit to ensure there are no twigs or outdoor debris stuck in it. If your outdoor unit is clear, there could be an issue with loose components, such as the fan. If you can't seem to locate the source of the sound, give us a call, and we'll be out right away to investigate and resolve the issue!
  • Buzzing: Are you noticing a constant buzzing noise from your air conditioner? Various issues can result in an annoying "buzz" sound including loose components, debris stuck in the unit, out of balance or loose fan blades, failing outdoor fan motor, or a dirty air filter.
  • Banging: A loud banging noise often suggests that a component is loose in the system. This may include motor mounts or even the blower. To ensure everything is reconnected and stabilized correctly, call your HVAC team at Mac's Plumbing, Heating & Air for a speedy repair!
  • Clicking: A consistent clicking sound shouldn't be coming from your air conditioner. It often suggests an electrical issue that should be inspected by a professional. Trust us; you don't want to delay a repair with a clicking AC, as this can be detrimental to your system's electrical components.

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